Type of Film/Event
California Theatre, San Jose
Hammer Theatre Center, San Jose
3Below, San Jose
3:00 PM (101 min)
1985: Josef’s younger sister moves in with him, and an unexpected friendship blossoms between Josef and his 4-year-olf niece, Nina. Thirty-five years later, Nina is in trouble, and Josef must make life-altering choices in order to help her.
5:00 PM (90 min)
Sweet Disaster
A late-in-the-game pregnancy and the sudden ending of a relationship are not necessarily catastrophic by themselves. Combine the two, and it is like throwing fire accelerant on charcoal. A comedy that is sometimes absurd and often hilarious.
7:30 PM (101 min)
Opening Night Screening w/ Jim Gaffigan
Starring award-winning comedian Jim Gaffigan, Rhea Seehorn (Better Call Saul), and Katelyn Nacon (The Walking Dead), LINOLEUM follows the host of a failing children's science show as he tries to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut by building a rocket ship in his garage. But, a series of bizarre events occur that cause him to question his own reality.
2:00 PM (114 min)
A Crack In The Mountain
Deep in the jungle of Central Vietnam, lies a magnificent underground kingdom. Hang Son Doong (“mountain river cave”) is the largest cave passage in the world and a place of spectacular beauty. The paradise is now in danger from those who would develop there. But there are those who would fight to protect the delicate eco-system.
4:30 PM (113 min)
Ghosting Gloria
Gloria can’t sleep. At 30-years-old, she has never had an orgasm and doesn’t get along with the men she meets. After moving to a new home, she discovers an invisible entity there who introduces her to new pleasures. But what will she do when she meets a man from the world of the living?
7:00 PM (100 min)
Alpha Male
Piotr signs up for a smoking cessation program. By mistake, he enrolls in an enigmatic self-development course where, under the influence of the charismatic Leader, he begins to question his relationship, which he had considered perfect…until now.
9:25 PM (96 min)
The Abandon
On the battlefield a soldier is hit with a blinding light and wakes up in a room with no doors, windows, or exits. He radios for help, but the only person he reaches is a woman claiming to be trapped in a similar room. Can they find a way out before it's too late?
2:30 PM (92 min)
Clemence looks after her sister Romane, who was disabled in a car accident as a teen. But, when Clemence returns home one night with her new boyfriend, Guillaume, and he begins to form a bond with Romane, the bonds the sisters have created begin to crack and force new decisions.
4:45 PM (84 min)
With This Breath I Fly
Shot over ten years, the story of two courageous women as they fight for their freedom against a patriarchal Afghan society, while exposing the complicity of the European Union in censoring their voices, and how the international press forever alters the course of their lives.
6:45 PM (115 min)
Shorts 2: What We Make It
"Have you ever had to make up your mind?" When the opportunity presents itself, the choice is yours. Take the shot when you’re on stage for the first time, on that first date, working with your first arts mentor. As humans, we need to grab the brass ring, and go for it... or do we?
9:15 PM (90 min)
Now is Now
Szilvi makes a quick decision: she flees her wedding and jumps into Petya’s taxi—who just happens to be going to his own bachelor party that evening. Their day around Budapest together will become their adventure and their story.