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OPENING: The Island Between Tides

Based on Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie's gothic bedtime story “Mary Rose,” a stunning sci-fi, mystery about a young woman who follows a mysterious melody onto a remote tidal island. When she crosses back over at the next low tide, she emerges into a world where 25 years have passed.
Thu, Mar 7 7:15 PM
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CLOSING: Hard Miles

Join movie lovers in welcoming star Matthew Modine to Cinequest for a night of inspiration with the story of a strong-willed social worker at a youth prison who assembles a cycling team of teenage convicts and takes them on a transformative 1000-mile ride.
Sun, Mar 17 7:00 PM
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Cinequest's AI Day & Townhall

7 Spectacular AI Events. All Welcome.
Wed, Mar 6 9:30 AM
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Camp RicStar (Kaiser Permanente Thrive Award Winner)

2024 Kaiser Thrive Award Winner: Despite being born with cerebral palsy, Eric Winter dreamed of being a rock star. His dream lives on in a one-of-a-kind summer camp where the power of music is harnessed to change lives.
Fri, Mar 8 7:15 PM
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SILENT CINEMA The Mark of Zorro

The original swashbuckler, Douglas Fairbanks, plays Zorro, the masked hero who protects the poor citizens of Old California in this classic masterpiece.
Fri, Mar 8 7:15 PM
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SILENT CINEMA Our Hospitality

Comic genius Buster Keaton journeys south to collect his inheritance, where he falls in love. The only problem is her family has vowed to kill every member of his family.
Fri, Mar 8 9:30 PM
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Storytelling Celebration

Hear from top producers on getting films/tv made and seen!
Sat, Mar 16 10:30 AM
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Another Day in America

A radical comedy-drama set in an American office, but it’s not business as usual. Today, it’s personal. Today, it’s guerilla warfare.
Sat, Mar 9 2:00 PM
Tue, Mar 12 4:40 PM
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Starring Lawrence Kao (Wu Assassins), a clever and captivating fantasy, family drama in which a struggling father makes a Faustian bargain and becomes the incarnation of Death, he must fight to unwind his fate while keeping his predicament hidden from his daughter
Sun, Mar 10 12:00 PM
Wed, Mar 13 5:00 PM
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Alicia Crowder, Tovah Feldshuh, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor in a comedic tale of intertwining stories about a motley of characters in NYC’s Village and the woman who has come to The Big Apple to find her place in this world.
Thu, Mar 14 7:15 PM
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Bosnian Pot

An engrossing dramedy following a failed writer who’s facing deportation and must prove he’s made a cultural contribution to society. His last chance is with an off-theatre troupe who will stage a production of a play he wrote as a young man.
Thu, Mar 14 7:05 PM
Fri, Mar 15 2:25 PM
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A psychological thriller that would make Hitchcock proud, “Canvas” follows an ex-child art prodigy as she is harrowed by her sister, who returns to their childhood home and tries to get her committed.
Fri, Mar 15 7:15 PM
Sun, Mar 17 9:30 PM
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The Conqueror: Hollywood Fallout

The incredibly true story of a failed Hollywood epic and the devastating repercussions it had, not only on some of Hollywood’s most iconic stars, but on the residents of a small, desert town.
Sun, Mar 10 6:50 PM
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Day Trippers

An imaginative and hilarious comedy in which a teen rebel and a runaway bride meet up as strangers in Amsterdam and form an unlikely bond.
Sun, Mar 10 2:05 PM
Thu, Mar 14 2:55 PM
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Dead Man's Switch

Dalia discovers that her husband has vanished without a trace. As her life and her job as a subway driver begin to collapse; the intense indifference of her environment engulfs her in a dark tunnel that seems to lead nowhere.
Sun, Mar 10 11:35 AM
Fri, Mar 15 12:00 PM
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Drama Life

The beautiful and poetic story of Liang Yi, an actress who was tricked into selling her house for a film, as she accidentally realizes her dream when she finds out how to get her money back.
Fri, Mar 8 2:15 PM
Mon, Mar 11 9:30 PM
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For 40 years Jeffrey and Ellie Patterson have dedicated their lives to running one of California's most historic wineries. As they prepare to pass the estate on to their two children, they learn the challenges of mixing family and business.

Preceded by the music video: So Cool

(see link below)

Sat, Mar 9 4:30 PM
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Bobby Cannavale, Rose Byrne, Robert De Niro, Vera Farmiga, Rainn Wilson, and Whoopi Goldberg star in this fabulously unpredictable ensemble dramedy from director Tony Goldwyn about parents struggling over how best to raise their child.
Wed, Mar 13 7:15 PM
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Falling Into Place

A captivating romance following two people running from their demons, who meet on the Scottish Isle of Skye. They connect suddenly and deeply. Returning to London, they try to pursue their separate lives, but both have to face their pasts before they are ready to meet again.
Thu, Mar 14 9:30 PM
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A slick, edge-of-your-seat thriller from Vietnam about an aspiring actress whose growing social network gains her a threatening subscriber who begins following her every move—leading to an explosive finale.
Tue, Mar 12 9:30 PM
Wed, Mar 13 4:45 PM
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