Zen Brownie

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Hammer Theatre Center, San Jose Sun, Mar 17 9:40 AM
While often fascinated by the make believe, the world of the real can often be more intriguing and entertaining. This series shows exactly how amazing the real world is.
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Short
Runtime (minutes):13
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Jeff Bridges
Ben Cohen
Jerry Greenfield
Eve Marko
Greyston Bakery Staff
Director:Alison Bartlett
Producer(s):Alison Bartlett
Michael Pirson
Carolyn Anthony
Screenwriter:Alison Bartlett
Cinematography:Caroline Mariko Stucky
Music By:Daniel Dombrowsky
Editor:Rodrigo Lopresti


Narrated by Oscar Winner Jeff Bridges, Zen Brownie tells the story of Buddhist Monks, Ben & Jerry's Brand and a local Bakery, in Yonkers, NY, and how leading with inclusivity, kindness, and compassion has created a well-known profitable business in Greyston Bakery.