What if I Never Wake Up Again?

Showing In

Hammer Theatre Center, San Jose Sat, Mar 16 9:30 AM
An overwhelming amount of Student Films this year that were so good we couldn’t pack them into just one program. Catch Part One, and then make sure you catch Part Two. You won’t regret it!
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Short
Runtime (minutes):13.5
Premiere Status:US Premiere
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Guy Heilweil
Andrea Flowers
Dennis Gersten
Director:Yiqing Hu
Producer(s):Jiaxin Qi
Xingyi Jiang
Screenwriter:Yiqing Hu
Cinematography:Zhongchao Liu
Music By:Julia Fu Tsz Yan
Editor:Youyin Zhang


Lucas, a 9-year-old boy, lives in the city with his mother, Olivia. However, after watching a late-night TV show, he develops a sudden fear of death, constantly wondering if he will wake up the next morning. To alleviate his anxiety, Olivia takes him to see a therapist. The therapist suggests they take a vacation to the countryside to change an environment. Gathering her courage, Olivia decides to return with Lucas and his new toy fish to her father's ranch — a place she hasn't visited in a long time. Upon arriving at the ranch, Lucas meets his grandfather, Jason, for the first time. Surprisingly, Jason has bought a coffin for himself and is preparing for his own funeral. However, he mistakenly acquired a child-sized coffin and must wait for an exchange. As Lucas observes this, his anxiety intensifies, fearing that Jason plans to murder him. To prevent this from happening, Lucas decides to take action, or there might be a real funeral for him soon.