Make me a Pizza

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Hammer Theatre Center, San Jose Fri, Mar 15 9:45 PM
Mindbenders is back, baby! The program that brings you the strange, the unusual, and the BOLD!
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Short
Runtime (minutes):12
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Woody Coyote
Sophie Neff
Director:Talia Shea Levin
Producer(s):Kara Grace Miller
Talia Shea Levin
Screenwriter:Talia Shea Levin
Woody Coyote
Cinematography:Vittoria Campaner
Music By:Matthew Bernstein
Editor:Lynn Hong


A very hungry woman tells a pizza delivery guy she can't pay for the pizza she ordered. But can the sex she offers instead of currency possibly equate to the true value of a pizza? Is there anything that can be worthy of pizza, aside from what the market has decided? Together the two decide that their only option is to become the pizza object themselves, to make each other into pizza, in order to become free.