Fred and Frankie

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Hammer Theatre Center, San Jose Sat, Mar 9 11:25 AM
Twenty-one shorts from around the globe explore the width, breadth, and depth of animation of all styles.
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Short
Runtime (minutes):3
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Kate McNeely
Jenny Shuermann
Producer(s):Julia Paiewonsky
Screenwriter:Jenny Shuermann


As Frankie, a widowed food truck owner, is preparing her truck for sale, she finds herself drawn into the memories surrounding her. Remembering how she used to share this space with her late husband Fred pulls her away from her work. She finds herself reliving her memories, feeling her husband there with her, just like when they were young. Frankie realizes that despite how hard it has been to be here without him, he never would have wanted her to give up her passion. Her fire is relit, and the truck is hers again.