Eat Flowers

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Giant's Kettle
Hammer Theatre Center, San Jose Sat, Mar 16 4:55 PM
A love story without love. A film into which fans of David Lynch can really sink their teeth. An unforgettably enchanting and eerie cinematic experience.
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Short
Runtime (minutes):15
Cast/Crew Info
Director:River Autumn Finlay
Executive Producer:Alison Klayman
Screenwriter:Cig Harvey
Cinematography:River Finlay
John Shelley
Music By:William Ryan Fritch
Editor:Ashley Rodholm
Sara Newens


When photographer and writer Cig Harvey found out her best friend Mary was diagnosed with terminal leukemia, she did what she knew best: made photographs. As Mary faced isolation and debilitating treatment, Cig set out to bring the world to Mary.

Over the coming years, Cig captured and sent Mary images of beauty, life, and color. Images that evoked the sensual, the sacred, the delicate, and the brave. Images exploding with color, piercing with light, evoking the pain and beauty of life, even as we face death.