Don't Pick Up

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Hammer Theatre Center, San Jose Fri, Mar 8 4:45 PM
Everything changes, and nothing changes as often, or as thoroughly, as ourselves. These short films explore the nows and the thens of characters wading through life.
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Short
Runtime (minutes):14
Premiere Status:World Premiere
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Keith David
Kathryn Erbe
Director:Jeremiah Kipp
Executive Producer:Susannah Nolan
Zeus Kontoyannis
Producer(s):Nick Candido
Lina Lansky
Jennifer Plotzke
Screenwriter:Susannah Nolan
Cinematography:Christopher Lind
Music By:Barry J. Neely
Editor:Gabriel Cullen


Louisa Bodek is a recovering kleptomaniac. Her guarded exterior protects a deeply romantic flower longing for the sun. On a day when she has reached her absolute bottom, she seeks refuge in a Children's Bookstore.

Struggling with her urge to "lift," she is interrupted by Chris Scarpelli, the adorable middle-aged dork of a store manager. Wry and compassionate, Chris has chosen to live out his life reading "Runaway Bunny" to 4-year-olds.

Through an improbable set of connections, they each discover in each other a kindred spirit. Each risks the possibility that they may have found a soulmate, until Louisa realizes true love cannot flourish with a stolen book in your purse.