Bounce House

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Hammer Theatre Center, San Jose Wed, Mar 13 7:15 PM
Explorations of strange new worlds await those of you curious and intrigued by the unknown in this highly adventurous series of shorts.
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Short
Runtime (minutes):15
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Eilise Patton
Jade Kaiser
Director:Callie + Chris
Producer(s):Callie Bloem
Christopher J. Ewing
Sean Patrick Kelly
Screenwriter:Callie Bloem
Christopher J. Ewing
Cinematography:Steven Breckon
Music By:Daniel Eppel
Editor:Christopher J. Ewing


The end of the world is not what Polly expected. In fact, she’s not even 100% sure this is the end of the world so she’s biding her time.

Living in the trailer in the backyard of her roomate's house, listening to ska records as she relentlessly refreshes her Facebook feed (just in case) and reads self-help books. She hasn’t seen another human in a week but she's trying not to get overly stressed about it. That's when Thea shows up carrying a semi-automatic rifle and making fun of Polly's music. Together, these two misfits come up with a plan: train Polly to survive the apocalypse, steal her roommate's car and avoid all the freaky coyotes and the MAGA cannibals from Orange County.