Botox Fiction

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Hammer Theatre Center, San Jose Fri, Mar 15 9:45 PM
Mindbenders is back, baby! The program that brings you the strange, the unusual, and the BOLD!
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Short
Runtime (minutes):4
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:typhaine barthelemy: marilyn
Jamel Al Gharbi: kevin
Director:yoann kimfoko
Executive Producer:yoann kimfoko
Producer(s):yoann kimfoko
Screenwriter:yoann kimfoko
Cinematography:charlotte michel
Music By:david menke
Editor:charlotte michel
yoann kimfoko


Botox Fiction is set in the distant future, in a world with an extremely egocentric system that promotes appearances, glory, and power. It's a world where human beings have no limit in their greed. Children are born in specific cycles defined by social status and are raised with one goal in mind—to increase the life expectancy of their parents who want to stay young and beautiful for eternity. However, this comes with consequences. The operation must be repeated every twenty years because the body dies again, little by little, and the skin inevitably begins to rot. The story focuses on the couple Marilyn and Kevin, who will once again have children to keep them young.