Time Passages

  • Halmoni's Pot (Grandma's Pot)
  • Halmoni's Pot (Grandma's Pot)


Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Runtime (minutes):86
Premiere Status:World Premiere
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Kyle Henry
Elaine Henry
Director:Kyle Henry
Producer(s):Jason Wehling
Screenwriter:Kyle Henry
Cinematography:Abbigail Vandersnick
Music By:Curtis Heath
Editor:Karen Skloss
Abbigail Vandersnick


Time Passages is a powerhouse and transformative film that blends raw emotions with dynamic storytelling to tell a story of family, the relationship of a son to his mother, and how we all desire understanding and connection.

In the final months of his mother Elaine’s late-stage dementia, as a pandemic rages across the country and the globe, filmmaker Kyle Henry “time travels” via his family archive and his own memories to find connection to his family, his history and the world at large.

As one of Elaine’s primary caregivers, the mother and son share a unique and complicated bond in their large, Texan family. Charting his mother’s early life and dashed desires through to years of motherhood and self-sacrifice, and tracing their relationship to its inevitable end.

Time Passages is a memento mori of a film, reckoning with feelings of grief, conflict and loss of control. Beneath the Kodachrome smiles and grainy Super-8 home movies, Henry unearths difficult truths as an act of generational healing and a testament to love, legacy and those things that carry us through life’s most challenging times.

Preceded by the short film: Halmoni’s Pot

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Halmoni's Pot (Grandma's Pot) (10min) More

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