• My Scary Indian Wedding
  • My Scary Indian Wedding


Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Runtime (minutes):84
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Connor McGill
Sean O' Bryan
Allison McAtee
Director:Max Neace
Executive Producer:Joe Lukens
John Neace
Producer(s):Gi Gonzales
Stanley Yung
Brian George Randles
Screenwriter:Max Neace
Cinematography:Robert Reed Altman
Music By:Crystal Grooms Mangano
Editor:A.J. Edwards
Grant Vance


Tom, a Steve Buscemi type with less drive, takes the night job at Your Storage in Washington Park, Chicago, armed with security monitors, lackluster wit, a late-night radio DJ, and his trusty office chair, Grace Kelly. He’s there to shut out the world and ignore his family drama when the usually easy gig takes a sinister turn. A typical regular, Mrs. Jones, lures an unsuspecting man into her storage unit-a man that Tom never sees again.

Enjoy an uplifting performance by Andrew Orolfo preceding the March 17th screening. Go to Creativity Experiences Artist Lineup for details.

Preceded by the short film: My Scary Indian Wedding

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Included Shorts

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