A Romantic Fragment


Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Runtime (minutes):97
Premiere Status:US Premiere
Original Language:Chinese
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Padma Kyab
Xinting Wang
Leo Wei
Director:Pingdao Yang
Executive Producer:Xufeng Huang
Luyue Meng
Producer(s):Guojun Wang
Screenwriter:Pingdao Yang
Cinematography:Xiang Wang
Music By:Keemo


In a last-ditch attempt to revive their relationship, writer Su Dong invites his ex-girlfriend Zhao Ying on one final trip, planning to woo her at the site of a mythical tree that blooms only once every 100 years. Zhao begrudgingly succumbs to Su’s pestering but, unbeknownst to Su, also invites her new fiancé, the older and seemingly dim-witted Gu.


Growing increasingly jealous, Su makes Gu his unwilling rival. Between long, arduous hikes and over-the-top romantic gestures, Zhao Ying remains unimpressed, but an uncanny friendship forms between the two men. That is until the trip takes a more sinister turn, eerily mimicking the the plot of Su’s latest novel, A Romantic Fragment.

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