Giant's Kettle

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Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Runtime (minutes):71
Premiere Status:US Premiere
Original Language:No dialogue
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Henri Malkki
Kirsi Paananen
Atte Vuori
Director:Markku Hakala
Mari Käki
Producer(s):Mari Käki
Screenwriter:Markku Hakala
Cinematography:Markku Hakala
Editor:Markku Hakala


A meaningful and enthusiastic experiment that blends retro-futurism, a dark fairy tale and a love story… One of those films that can disarm even the harshest of critics...” - Marko Stojiljkovic, Cineuropa


A man longing for connection but unable to break loose. A woman feeling alien to the world which has everything figured out for her, without her. They do their best to fit in and fulfill their roles but struggle to connect with the world, themselves, and others. Something important is missing, as if the whole world was drained of love, chugging along on mere duties and bureaucratic inertia.


During the family trip back to the past. everything starts to change. For how long is it possible to resist the force of life?


Giant’s Kettle is a journey into the unconscious, a love story without love, an epic tragicomedy of the mundane, and a mystery in a world emptied of mystery.


Preceded by the short film: Eat Flowers

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Eat Flowers (15min) More

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