Oliver & the Pool

Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Runtime (minutes):102
Romantic Comedy
Original Language:Spanish
Subtitles (Language):English
Global Landscapes:Global Landscapes
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Monica Huarte
Alejandro Arena
Jorge Karate
Jacobo Lieberman
Cesar Troncoso
Camila Calonico
Director:Arcadi Palerm-Artis
Executive Producer:Kristan Taylor
Gibran Portela
Jacobo Lieberman
Producer(s):Milko Luis Coronel
Arcadi Palerm-Artis
Screenwriter:Arcadi Palerm-Artis
Gibran Portela
Cinematography:Alexis Rodil
Music By:Matthew Collings
Editor:Harry Baker


Oliverio sets the urn that contains his father’s ashes on the table next to the poolside chaise lounge. He grabs his phone and types in a word: aneurism. Oliverio’s father died during a family dinner, just after his parents announced that they were getting divorced. His mother already had a new man in her life. Oliverio, a 13-year-old only child, installs himself on the chaise lounge and decides that he will stay right there. From that very spot he continues his life – mourning, observing, learning to forgive, and falling in love.

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