Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Runtime (minutes):102
Original Language:English
Subtitles (Language):English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Steve Zahn
Jess Gabor
Roselyn Sanchez
Judy Green
Jorge A Jimenez
Director:EJ Foerster
Marny Eng
Producer(s):EJ Foerster
Marny Eng
Eric Hedayat
Eric Reid
Screenwriter:Patrick Hasburgh
Cinematography:Peter Wilke
Music By:Steven Argila
The Red Pears
Stephanie Hunt
Steve Kazee
Aaron Gleason
Editor:Julian Bridges
Bruce Green


Starring Steve Zahn (“The White Lotus”), Jess Gabor (“Shameless”), Judy Greer (“Jurassic World”), and Rosalyn Sanchez (“Fantasy Island”), the enthralling story of Large Marge Bickford--“Butt too big, boobs too small; generation XL”--as she navigates the halls of her high school and the chalked lines of its soccer field with the same sense of failure and dread.


Marge is most often alone, but not necessary lonely, just resigned. Life is passing her by and she doesn’t seem to mind… until she loses her nearly perfect Mom. Marge refuses to move to Arizona to live with her ultra-conservative grandparents and instead flees to Mexico to find her dad, whom she has never known…a washed-up pro soccer star who ran away to hide from a bad marriage and the stink of failure.


But the humbled American soccer phenom has found his niche in a small village on Mexico’s central west coast. Jackson Bickford is the local handyman and beloved coach of the village’s ragtag women’s soccer team. Until his daughter shows up. Dad drinks too much and his daughter’s self-esteem is in the toilet, along with most of what she eats thanks to her occasional bouts with bulimia. But, somehow these two misfits begin to make each other stronger, better, more loving, and real. Looks like they might just be able to become a family.