Garden City, Kansas

Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Runtime (minutes):78
Premiere Status:WORLD PREMIERE
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Hector Martinez
Amy Longa
Dan Day
Peter Ramirez
Director:Bob Hurst
Executive Producer:Lyn Shaw
Margie Wakefield
Tom Carmody
Producer(s):Tess Banion
Cinematography:Matt Mendoza
Music By:Aaron Rux
Editor:Beatriz Sanchis
Sergio Solares
Sonia Sanchez


Garden City, Kansas delves into the conspiracy, led by white supremacists, to destroy the lives of Muslim immigrants with multiple car bombs. The plot unfolds in Garden City, a small town on the High Plains of the Western US that has for decades thrived through its welcoming of immigrants from around the world.


We follow inhabitants of the city, some newcomers and some long-time residents, as they fulfill their dream?of becoming American Citizens and bettering the lives of themselves and others, and as they experience the impact of the Trump administration and its rapid change in attitudes and policies toward immigration.


The people who have worked for decades to build this city respond to the challenges of swift political change from within and without, and endeavor to heal from the revelation of the conspiracy and its fallout. Garden City, Kansas asks: whose country is it? How can rural communities survive without welcoming immigrants? How will we as a nation confront the ongoing peril of white supremacist violence? Finally, the film is a microcosm of America in a time of rapid and uncertain change.

Preceded by the music video “Waste Of Space”. See link below.

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