Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Runtime (minutes):91
Premiere Status:US PREMIERE.
Original Language:English
Global Landscapes:Global Landscapes
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Aleandra Park
Sisi Stringer
Harry Greenwood
Director:Sean Lahiff
Executive Producer:Eddie Shaw
Nic Shaw
Pratrick Hastings
Jacob Kleinman
Gary Hamilton
Ryan Hamilton
Michelle Krumm
Ying Ye
Anton Andreacchio
Carlo Andreacchio
Producer(s):Helen Leake
Gena Helen Ashwell
Screenwriter:Shanit Gudgeon
Cinematography:Kieran Fowler
Music By:Michael Darren


Bailey, a documentary maker joins ecologists Grace and Ben on a field trip to track and record animals after the recent devastating bushfires. The trio head off into the outback, on route Bailey interviews Ranger Matt, who is frank about his world view


. Leaving Matt, they travel deep into the forest. The trio set up camp, Ben cooks dinner, then they set up night calls and put on night- vision devices to detect the heat of the nocturnal animals. Bailey is taken back by their many calls, grunts and noises during the night, it is an active night world.


The next day the trio uncover chewed bones scored with teeth marks near one of the tracking cameras. Feral cats, pigs, wild dogs? Ben checks the camera, it stopped recording three weeks ago, there are birds, mice, a native rat, then a rare brush-tail wallaby, when suddenly a dark shape fills the screen and the wallaby is no longer visible. Something got it, but what? The trio press on deeper into the forest to track down the mystery animal.

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