Bobcat Moretti


Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Runtime (minutes):96
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Tim Realbuto
Vivica A. Fox
Taryn Manning
Sally Kirkland
Matt Peters
Louis Mustillo
Matt McCoy
Mindy Sterling
Sheria Irving
Carl McDowell
Jayden Rey
Jay Hieron
Director:Rob Margolies
Producer(s):Rob Margolies
Vivica A. Fox
Taryn Manning
Screenwriter:Tim Realbuto
Rob Margolies


Starring Tim Realbuto (“Yes”, “The Sopranos”), Vivica A. Fox (“Kill Bill”, “Soul Food”), Taryn Manning (“Orange is the New Black”, “Hustle and Flow”), Matt Peters (“Weeds”), Coolio, and Sally Kirkland (“Anna”).


BOBCAT MORETTI is a "Rocky" meets "My Left Foot" story that is a powerful psychological drama about an obese Multiple Sclerosis patient who takes up his late father’s sport of boxing to overcome immense personal tragedy and find inner peace.


The writer and star, Tim Realbuto, had a mission to create an inspirational narrative to accompany his real-life weight loss journey through boxing. It’s a story full of inspiration and joy, while also looking at personal challenges and the choices we make to better ourselves.

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