Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Runtime (minutes):78
Premiere Status:WORLD PREMIERE
Original Language:German
Global Landscapes:Global Landscapes
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Fabian Schoog
Oumar Diolo
Samuel Van Der Swalmen
Arthur Marbaix
Alexandre Hérault
Director:Antoine Sauwen
Django Schrevens Da Silva
Producer(s):Django Schrevens
Antoine Sauwen
Yvain De Ryck
Sébastien Plazaneix
Martin De Waziers
Screenwriter:Yvain De Ryck
Aaron Gooris
Django Schrevens Da Silva
Antoine Sauwen
Cinematography:Sylvestre Vannoorenberge
Music By:Quentin Malingrëy
Sébastien Plazaneix
Guerric Verougstraete


November 11th, 1918. A German pilot loses control of his plane and crashes between the enemy lines. Surviving the crash, he looks for a way to escape and joins the enemy ranks by hiding his identity.


And as the rumor of a cease-fire spreads in the trench, our protagonist can again hope to meet with his beloved... But a bombardment delays the reunion and pushes the pilot to venture with his new allies into the rubble of the strangely deep trench, looking for a way out of this hell while keeping his identity secret.

Preceded by the short film “The Cunning”.

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The Cunning (13min) More

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