A Woman of No Importance

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Shorts 11: Student Shorts
Pruneyard Cinemas #7 Sat, Aug 27 9:00 AM
What goes on in the mind of an artist, an immigrant, a lonely soul? How do you stick up for yourself, make your life memorable, embrace your truth? How do we navigate this rapidly changing world? This collection of films created by students explores these topics and more in many powerful ways.
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Shorts
Runtime (minutes):17
Premiere Status:US Premiere
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Kalieaswari Srinivasan
Ahmad Razvi
Zephani Idoko
Director:Gauri Adelkar
Executive Producer:Apoorva Charan
Preethi Prasad
Gauri Adelkar
Producer(s):Preethi Prasad
Screenwriter:Gauri Adelkar
Cinematography:Armaan Virani
Music By:Alba S. Torremocha
Editor:Sudarshan Suresh
Bowei Yue


Ismat, an undocumented retail worker in Queens, New York, is a volcano waiting to erupt,and her new co-worker Jesula becomes the trigger for it. Unable to get a day off for her daughter’s birthday, Ismat’s dislike and jealousy for the young and sexy Jesula slowly grows as Jesula catches the attention of their belligerent boss Bobby Patel. One night, Ismat secretly witnesses something and takes an action that will haunt her forever.