Think Like A Filmmaker

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Shorts 11: Student Shorts
Pruneyard Cinemas #7 Sat, Aug 27 9:00 AM
What goes on in the mind of an artist, an immigrant, a lonely soul? How do you stick up for yourself, make your life memorable, embrace your truth? How do we navigate this rapidly changing world? This collection of films created by students explores these topics and more in many powerful ways.
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Shorts
Runtime (minutes):6
Premiere Status:SF-San Jose Bay Area Premiere
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Alan Berliner
Director:Eli Berliner
Producer(s):Eli Berliner
Cinematography:Eli Berliner
Editor:Eli Berliner


Follow filmmaker Alan Berliner as he delves into sculpture and art. Alan talks about how sculpture and filmmaking are similar, how editing is similar to collage, and how his filmmaking techniques are applicable in other forms of art.

We see Alan creating new works using unusual materials. He breaks down old technologies, such as manual typewriters, analogue clocks, old speakers, and more to create visually exciting pieces. Through the film, the viewer will also get a sense of the relationship between Alan, the artist, and the filmmaker, his son Eli.