Shorts 05: Mindbenders


3Below, San Jose Sat, Aug 20 3:40 PM
Pruneyard Cinemas Fri, Aug 26 9:00 PM
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Shorts Program
Runtime (minutes):108


“Yeah, that’s pretty messed up.” When Cinequest gets dark, it gets DARQUE! This year, our annual feast of the weird, wild, mad, and macabre is one for the ages. These films eschew the everyday in order to deliver the heavy stuff that just won’t fit anywhere else. Stories of worlds that are familiar to our dream selves waltz mercilessly with dark gothic aesthetics, and those that dig deep into our relationship with technology.

These tales range from cyberpunk to grimdark to simply weird, but they all will stretch the limits of that you may think short films can do. Mindbenders is aptly named, and the forms they deliver will haunt and delight you.

Included Shorts

6FT. (6min) More
can't talk, a movie's on (13min) More
Canceled (4min) More
Creature (7min) More
Creatures of the Night (16min) More
Dark Passage (1min) More
Dystopia (7min) More
The Hairy Notion of a Green Afternoon (6min) More
Immaculate Virtual (9min) More
Immersion (7min) More
No Future Here (7min) More
Nothingness Conquered Them (2min) More
Sleep Talking (19min) More
Veronica Miller (4min) More